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    June 23, 2007


    Mick Mather

    I like most of these but the bicycle hanging on the wall is by far my favorite in this set. We're doing a project here in Syracuse that will attempt to pair public art with some new bike racks. Who new how far outside the box that thinking could go!?? :D

    Bill Ives

    If you look closely in the window you will also see a nice bottle of Californian red. This was a great house on stilts in a tidal area. I really like the bike rack art idea. Is it sculpture with the racks or two-d art?

    Mick Mather

    Sculpture as part of the rack is what the original thinking was. Then a biking group got involved and wants quantity of regular, ordinary racks, not aesthetically pleasing ones. While the two aren't mutually exclusive, the issue may be resolved by something closer to a silhouette design attached to one end. In a manner of speaking, that's as good an answer as we're going to get as regards the question of 2D or 3D that you raise. We'll see.

    Bill Ives

    It would be a great move to get art into the design in some way as bike racks are liekly goign to proliferate. It could set a standard.

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