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May 25, 2007


Mitzi Saddock

I am just getting into a search for the Saddock family and was wondering if you have any information on Sarah? I can only trace to my husbands great grandfather.
Any information or direction you could share would be most appreciated.

August Saddock
Born 1863

Mary Kelly Saddock
Born 1867
New York

milk thistle liver detox

rd of hare. Any help would be appreciated.

John Hare was born around 1680 in Norfolk VA. He married Sarah Saddock (born 1697). They had at least one child: Edward. John died around 1740.

John Hare was born around 1650 in Norfolk VA. His father was James Har

John F. Speight

How do we know that John Hare who was born circa 1680 in Norfolk VA married Sarah Shaddock? Excellent blog!

John McTague

The math on Sarah Saddock (1697), mother of Edward Hare (1702), doesn't add up. The consensus among many sources (not necessarily documented sources, mind you) was that Sarah was born in 1681.

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