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June 28, 2012


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John Maloney

Hi - Sorry to disent, but UC is a counterproductive farce. Beware. UC is a classic 'anti-pattern.'

"Their research finds that the more business involvement in IT projects, the higher the success."

WTF? What year is it? This circa 1970s remark is bass-ackwards. Correct:

"The more IT involvement in business projects, the higher the success, the better the business outcome."

UC is lame. See:

"Too often, agency network patterns and configurations pursue ‘unified’ architectures and deployments. This is a deadly mistake. The more these legacy-style architectural practices are institutionalized, the more rigid they become. In turn, the more they are taken for granted, the more resources are required to managing them! It is a vicious cycle and deadly embrace."


UC is a classic anti-patterns. Yep, said it twice. Please see:




Telephone System Ireland

Unified communication provides enhanced collaboration and communication to all type of businesses whether they are small, medium or large business. It also provides IT and tech support streamlines information delivery by simplifying the processes that can be easily used by the user. Communications approaches to Web Conferencing also simplify the meeting initiation process and as a result collaboration is improved between co-workers, employees and clients.

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