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December 27, 2004


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The issues with blogs in business are:

* difficulty of aggregation - thoughts & content are dispersed in space & time
* displacement - ideas roll off the blogs, substituted by the most recent post
* search - remains poor and ineffective
* Aggregation by concept is difficult

In business there is a need to collect insights by project, work area, product, customer, department.... this is not how blogs work.

Wikis seem to be an ideal compliment to blogs, making it possible to collect, anneal and refactor content tied to concepts rather than people.

Bill Ives

Thanks to Denham Grey for his perceptive comments. If there are existing knowledge management solutions, blogs can be an effective complement than helps provide the personal context for content. If there is no knowledge management solution, blogs can provide a low cost start but be aware of the limitations such as those that Denham points out.


Interesting site. Thanks for the read.

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