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September 27, 2013


Jon Heintzman

Just found this, very good information! I am through Martha Patsy Ives, whom married William Brockett, lots of history here that was lost in our branches journey west, thank you!


Aloha! I am looking for information on Albert Ely Ives, born in Newburgh, NY. He was an architect, described as an "East Coast society" architect, who did quite a bit of work for the DuPont family. He eventually came to Hawaii and opened up shop here. Trying to find out more information about him. If he is a relative, please let me know. I can be reached at 826Mojitoville@gmaildotcom.


Bill Ives


I am not familiar with Albert. Good luck in your search.

Pam Casscles

Hello -

I am responding to your research of Albert Ely Ives of Newburgh,NY and Honolulu, Hawaii. Burt was my great uncle, brother to my paternal grandmother, Pearl Ely Ives. Winterthur of Delaware- former DuPont estate - has some very nice photos and correspondence on his work which was quite extensive. His work followed through to Pebble Beach, Calif, Boca Grande, Florida, Hawaii of course, with the home that President Obama resides while on vacation, He married a Hawaiian native, Kanuai (sp?) Wilder, - very interesting man and wish I had met him myself. Very charming, very old world architecture and culture- traveled with the old uppercrust - dined with King of Siam.
The Ives/Ely families go back hundreds of years in the United States - I am doing on my family trees -
Feel free to contact -
Pam Casscles,

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